Wednesday, 30 June 2010

In my view one of the nicest things about summer is eating outside - breakfast with a clear bright sky and thoughts of a new day, finding shade at lunchtime and then dinner in a warm sunny glow and peaceful reflection at the days end.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A little corner of my garden; it had a makeover for Sunday's party and then put away again, but why? I have decided that weather permitting this summer I should enjoy my garden decorations more often and not just save for special occassions!

Monday, 28 June 2010

After much planning my daughter's birthday party yesterday was a success! I can't believe its been 3 years since we met, she's my best little friend and I love her more than I ever could have imagined...

Friday, 25 June 2010

We are going to a wedding tomorrow, and while I am a great believer in the tradition and all the day stands for, to me it also means confetti and new shoes! Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Mum's birthday today - Happy Birthday Mum! Tea on the patio and a good excuse to hang out some bunting!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In the warmth of a gorgeous summer day, the cool blue of this 'love in a mist' caught my eye. Lots of flowers have meanings and this is no exception. A quick look on google informed me that despite its name the flower actually signifies perplexity and confusion!?!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Thankyou beautiful scented Stock, last night you filled our patio with the most divine fragrance, a relaxing and calming end to a busy day.

Monday, 21 June 2010

I love sitting or standing under a tree and looking up, a view that isn't always obvious but often and especially when the sun shines through quite beautiful...

Friday, 18 June 2010

This one is for my Dad, we went out yesterday and were spotting poppy fields as we drove along. Happy Fathers Day Dad, love you lots x

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I have been a little preoccupied of late, it's less than 2 weeks until my daughters birthday and we are throwing a party, I have been buzzing with ideas for weeks. I think in my ideal world I would be a party planner, I love the preparation and making everything come together, all my fingers are now crossed for a fine and sunny day!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I have spoken before of my keen interest in gardening, this extends to a modest vegetable patch. It's more my husbands domain, but once the crops are planted the upkeep is a shared job. We are far far away from being self sufficient, but extremely satisfying to eat freshly picked vegetables. Maybe an allotment will be calling when we retire!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I am no wildlife photographer, I don't have the patience. But a hastily retrieved camera from my bag and point and shoot resulted in this image taken today, and I am happy with the result!

Monday, 14 June 2010

I spent some time at my Mum and Dads at the weekend and their garden is beautiful. They have always been keen gardeners and I think that's where I got my passion for creating pretty outdoor spaces. My Mum always has good ideas for planting, and my daughter is already showing an interest for sowing seeds and getting her hands in the soil!

Friday, 11 June 2010

After seeing Sex and The City 2 at the cinema this week with a friend I felt all inspired to come up with a Carrie style outfit! My offering is all high street except the bag which is vintage Lulu Guinness. Despite the mixed bag of reviews I loved the film and all its glorious glamour and shall be immersing myself in more re-runs of the tv series!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A rose taken in my Mums garden a few days ago, just a little drop of sunshine to remind me that it is in fact summer despite the constant wetness again today.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Squishy, fluffy, powdery, sugary soft marshmallows - equally nice to look at as they are to eat!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A rainy, thundery day here, so most of it spent 'crafting' with my daughter. Just a thought, whoever dreamt up the idea of putting sparkly glitter into something as mundane as glue is on my wavelength!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Another family birthday celebration this weekend - mine in fact! My mum made my favourite; lemon meringue pie. Utterly delicious!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I have a new found interest in typography and I've started collecting photos of interesting typefaces. My first project is to spell 'Happy Birthday' for my daughters birthday later this month. I think it would be nice to build up an entire alphabet!
I love rainbows, and since I haven't seen one for ages I decided to make my own - well sort of!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A warm sunny day, a trip to the beach, summer has returned, hurray!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

After what feels like days of rain and unseasonably cool weather, there's nothing like a little sweet treat as a pick me up!